About Us

Christie and Co Identity

At Christie and Co, we start by understanding your goals and objective, and asking questions to help undercover opportunities you may not know could exist. Your success is our primary concern, as it is ours too.

We’ll listen to your what if…until it becomes what is.

Our Story

Every Journey has to begin somewhere. In 2016, 4 very well-experienced Real Estate agents had enough of this industry. For decades, many have treated potential prospects as nothing but cash cows without any genuine interest in their long-term financial well-being and goals. Tired of viewing clients as a number, they poured together all their life savings and founded Christie and Co Property Group.

Putting the client first instead of profit has not been easy, however, does to our customized approach and the willingness to pursue that extra bit for our prospect, many have seen success in growing their property portfolio, meaning we share the same success as well.

While we may be young, the team at Christie and Co has made its mark over the past 7 years as one of Australia’s top 10 largest off-market sales teams selling on average over 200 properties a year, achieving an outstanding settlement rate of 98%, building confidence in our team’s guidance tailored to each specific investor.

Christie and Co provide lifetime relationships, and we stay with your journey as long as you like. With continuing service through every aspect of a client’s property journey, we offer direct access to Australia’s leading developers, prestige projects, builders, international property, SIV Investment Visas, Development capital, private lenders & more.

At Christie and Co, we don’t just sell, we anticipate.