Are you a Landlord?

Switching is easy!

Strategic Marketing

Christie & Co uses a combination of exceptional professional photography along with an wide spread of advertising avenues to ensure that your property is well promoted to potential tenants. 

First-Class Tenant Selection

We understand that finding quality tenants is critical. All potential tenants are screened according to references, financial situation and National Tenancy Default Database checks. All potential tenants are met in person by our experienced leasing team.

Regular Property Inspections & Leasing

We understand that the most efficient way to maximise your profit is to keep vacancy rates low, and to keep the property in premium condition. Our leasing team is dedicated to finding you the best tenants with the lowest vacancy period, each and every time.

Property Maintenance

Keeping a property in fantastic condition not only attracts higher quality tenants, it also provides a much higher resale value when ultimately selling your property. Regular inspections fix small issues before they become expensive repairs.


Each and every property owner has access to a real-time portal to view every aspect of their property, from the current lease details, to a monthly financial breakdown of all expenses. You will also have direct contact with your individual property manager at all times.

Hands off Approach

The comprehensive service provided by Christie & Co Property Management, ensures that you as an owner, can have peace of mind that your investment is well looked after without supervision. All expenses and bills will be taken care of, including organising insurances and maintenance.