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Introducing the Christie & Co. Property Group’s New Sub Agent Referral Program!

We are thrilled to announce our brand-new sub agent referral program, designed exclusively for real estate agents and agencies. This program allows participants to gain access to our extensive stock list of major projects and properties, spanning both local and interstate markets. As referring sub agents, you will have the opportunity to earn a generous 50/50 split commission for each successful referral.

Our program is designed to reward hardworking agents who refer potential buyers to our projects and properties. Every three months, we will host exclusive agent functions to celebrate and reward your efforts. These events will provide a great platform to network with fellow agents and industry professionals.

Not only will you have access to our vast portfolio of projects, but we also empower agents to negotiate better commissions and terms based on their sales performance. The more you refer, the better opportunities you’ll have to enhance your earnings and professional standing.

We are committed to keeping our agents up-to-date with the latest projects and opportunities throughout the year. By joining our program, you can stay ahead of the market and have early access to new projects before they are released to the public.

Additionally, we understand the importance of recognizing exceptional performance. Agents who consistently achieve outstanding sales history and performance will be eligible for marketing funding to support their marketing efforts for our projects.

Furthermore, agents will have the privilege to attend special functions to launch new projects. These events will offer valuable insights and networking opportunities that can further boost your success in the real estate industry.

Don’t miss this chance to become a part of the Christie & Co. Property Group Sub Agent Referral Program and access unparalleled benefits and opportunities. Join us today and unlock your potential for success in the real estate market. Save & Submit your interest to be a part of this exciting program!

Key features of the program:

1. Extensive Property Stock List: As a referring sub-agent, you gain exclusive access to Christie & Co.’s diverse portfolio of major projects and properties. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or mixed-use, you’ll have a wide array of options to present to your clients.

2. Lucrative Commission Split: We believe in rewarding our referring sub-agents generously. Earn a competitive 50/50 commission split on successful property transactions. This allows you to maximize your earnings while collaborating with a trusted industry leader.

3. Local and Interstate Opportunities: Our program extends beyond local boundaries, providing opportunities to access and promote properties in different states. By tapping into various markets, you can expand your client base and leverage diverse investment prospects.

4. Streamlined Referral Process: We’ve streamlined the referral process to ensure convenience and efficiency. Our dedicated team will handle all aspects of the referral, from initial contact to closing the deal, allowing you to focus on your core business.

5. Trusted Partnership: Christie & Co. Property Group has a reputation for excellence and professionalism in the real estate industry. When you become a referring sub-agent, you join forces with a reputable brand, enhancing your credibility and building trust with your clients.

6. Ongoing Support and Training: We are committed to the success of our referring sub-agents. Benefit from regular training sessions, market insights, and support from our experienced team, empowering you to excel in your real estate career.

Join the Christie & Co. Property Group’s sub-agent referral program today and take your real estate business to new heights. Access our vast stock list of major projects and properties, earn a lucrative 50/50 commission split, and forge a rewarding partnership with a trusted industry leader. Embrace the future of real estate referrals with Christie & Co. Property Group.

Benefits of the Program:

1. Lucrative Commission Split: Referring sub agents will receive a 50/50 split commission on all successful referrals, providing a substantial incentive to participate actively in the program.

2. Agent Rewards: To recognize and appreciate your efforts, we will host an exclusive agent function every three months. This event will serve as a platform to celebrate your accomplishments and foster networking among industry professionals.

3. Performance-Based Negotiations: Top-performing agents will have the unique opportunity to negotiate better commissions and terms, as their sales performance improves over time.

4. Regular Updates: We understand the importance of staying informed about the latest opportunities in the market. Hence, we will continuously update you with new projects and properties throughout the year and beyond.

5. Exclusive Project Launch Events: Sub agents will be invited to attend special functions for the launch of new projects, providing invaluable insights and early access to these exciting opportunities.

6. Marketing Funding Possibility: Based on your sales history and performance, you may be eligible to receive marketing funding, empowering you to boost your reach and achieve even greater success.

Join our sub agent referral program now and take advantage of the vast resources and support offered by Christie & Co. Property Group. Together, we will embark on a journey of growth and success in the dynamic real estate market.